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8 Shower Sliding Door Ideas To Beautify Your Bathroom 

Selecting the right shower door is crucial whether you’re installing a new shower or upgrading an old one. Although the material you choose to enclose your device may seem as simple as glass, the reality is more nuanced. 

You’ll need to know things like the precise measurements of your shower space, the distance between the shower and other fixtures, the amount of time you’re willing to spend cleaning your shower every day, and whether or not the expensive frameless shower doors you saw on a design blog are actually the best option for your needs and budget. Fortunately, both framed and frameless alternatives are readily available, both of which can be a beautiful addition to any room. 

You may pick from a number of designs for shower doors, each available in a variety of glass kinds and finishes. Find out what’s available so you can choose the right type for your home with this article about shower sliding door ideas.

  • Sliding Shower Door with Frosted Glass

Sliding Shower Door with Frosted Glass

Image Source: Pinterest 

Frosted sliding shower doors are perfect if you value your own space. Their patterns are designed to shield your modesty when you soak in a warm or chilly tub.

Some options you could consider:

  • This is a fresh addition to the sliding door in the bathroom. This is comparable to the colored one, but its blue mint hue makes the bathroom seem colder, making it ideal for folks who like taking cold baths. 
  • It’s important to note that the door is not quite contacting the floor; this design is often employed to prevent creaking, particularly as doors age. Additionally, this has a trendy, contemporary appearance. 
  • One stainless knob would be plenty for the knob. Additionally, this would go well with the sliding door’s stainless-steel edges. Of course, there’s no need to add more knobs to the shower door since it would be out of place and excessive.
  • Partially Framed Shower Sliding Doors

Partially Framed Shower Sliding Doors

Image Source: Reuter 

Glass adds a touch of class and beauty to any shower. Most individuals, though, prefer a more spare aesthetic. With this sliding door, you can add your final touches to the shower without disrupting the space’s aesthetics.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Make the space hankering for more design. A partial frame may be basic at first glance, but it may also be seen as a cutting-edge approach to design. 
  • For a minimalist and modern feel, go for neutral hues like light grey, cream, or white. 
  • Make the vanity frameless to match the sliding door idea, and place toiletries on the sink to concentrate on creating a cool atmosphere. 
  • Depending on your preferences, showers might either be hand-held or mounted on a wall. Make certain that the color palette and attire coordinate.
  • Thermoformed Glass Bathtub Enclosures

Thermoformed Glass Bathtub Enclosures

Image Source: Central Glass Chicago 

One benefit you may expect from these sliding doors is that they need less upkeep. It’s no secret that the bathtub is the star of any bathroom, but these accessories will make it even more stunning and private.

Here are a few paths to ponder:

  • To improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom, combine the shower and bathtub rather than keeping them separate. 
  • A glass sliding door would be great to completely enclose the bathtub and shower area while yet allowing for easy access. 
  • Given that the bathtub is already shiny, the tiles should be ceramic. This is done to achieve balance since, from a designer’s perspective specifically, too much glossiness might hurt the eyes. 
  • Choose natural hues and soothing colors like light grey and white for your décor. 
  • It is advised to add some scent, flowers, or potted plants to the space to make it less dreary and more invigorating.


  • Decorative Surface Textures on Glass

Decorative Surface Textures on Glass

Image Source: Kitchen & Bath Design News

Putting some art on a bathroom’s sliding door is not going to damage anything. In fact, a  more sophisticated atmosphere is created. Make your bathroom into something so captivating that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Some possibilities you might consider:

  • The sleek and minimalist appearance of a thin glass sliding door with black borders and finish is unquestionable. 
  • Naturally, black would make the whole shower room eerie; thus, to prevent this sensation, retain the balance by painting the walls white and installing white tiles. 
  • Notice that the door is elevated from the floor; this highlights the door often and improves its perfectness and compactness.


  • Elegantly Arched Sliding Shower Door

Elegantly Arched Sliding Shower Door

Image Source: Amazon

The layout of the bathroom should be clearly marked. Yes, the old one has been replaced with a brand new, modern, and three-dimensional version. The addition of this sliding door will give any room an air of refined elegance.

Consider the following options:

  • Adding some volume is a curved sliding door. Use neutral hues like white and grey to give it some aesthetic appeal. Additionally contributing to the minimalist feel are the stainless edges. 
  • No need to draw attention to the shower’s interior. Simply designate your shower area and secure it to choose a straightforward, inexpensive option. 
  • If you wish to showcase the area, raise the door off the ground by mounting it on a raised piece of cement. 


  • Tinted Glass Sliding Shower Door

Tinted Glass Sliding Shower Door

Image Source: Vintage Tub

When it comes to the glass screen that separates you from the rest of the bathroom, tinting is a fantastic option since it allows you to achieve varying degrees of seclusion. In addition, this implies that you may customize your shower enclosure with a patterned glass shade, rather than simply a plain one.

Consider the following alternatives:

  • Use teal tiles to create a sultry, dark atmosphere. A shower is a great place to reflect on the meaning of the color blue, which in this case refers to rejuvenation. 
  • Make it more authoritative and sophisticated by giving it a black finish. 
  • Thin black-tinted glass is ideal for sliding doors. The place becomes more vibrant and alluring as a result.


  • Glass Sliding Shower Oasis with Steam

Glass Sliding Shower Oasis with Steam

Image Source: Oasis Shower Doors 

Showers with glass walls from floor to ceiling are not only aesthetically pleasing but also better at containing steam. There is a variety of glass panel and shower enclosure designs available to accommodate various bathroom layouts, but we think this one is the finest.

You may think about the following options:

  • Tones that are warm and rooted in the soil will reverberate. You might add some black paint splatters on the borders and some marble tiles for sophistication to make it seem more authentic and stylish. 
  • The form of the shower door should be odd yet classy. Such a thing would be a reflection of originality and refinement. 
  • In addition to serving as doors, glass partitions may also serve practical purposes by providing ventilation and a convenient surface onto which to serve as a way of a breath of fresh air.  
  • Also, add some visually appealing seating spot for those times when bathing is followed by deep thought.


  • Bi-Folding Shower Doors

Bi-Folding Shower Doors

Image Source: Ubuy Philippines

The bi-fold door works well in lavatories where opening and closing the door might be difficult. On the other hand, it displays an innovative form and functionality that will win you over. Indeed, this sliding door is a joy to open just before a relaxing bath.

A few pointers to remember:

  • A bi-folding sliding door is an option if you want to add a touch of individuality to your shower space while maintaining ease of access. Enhance the sophistication by making the door transparent.   
  • The use of stainless steel may sound mundane to some, yet it effectively portrays minimalism. 
  • Have all of the shower areas painted in white so that stains can be seen and the space looks contemporary. 
  • Glass panels and tiles in mustard and teal colors are another way to add some originality and creativity. 


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

When installing a sliding door, what width should a shower be? 

60 inches

Alcove showers and tubs are normally 60 inches wide, while their bypass or sliding doors are 58 inches. While framing the alcove, you may not need to leave any extra room for the tub or shower to fit. Make sure you have precisely 60 inches. 


To what end does one install a shower door? 

They not only keep water in the shower where it belongs, but they also keep water from escaping while it’s being used. Although their purpose is straightforward, shower doors come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any bathroom’s design needs. 


What can I do to improve the sliding of my shower door? 

Distribute a silicone-based lubricant over the track and work it in by gliding the door back and forth. This may assist ease the sliding around the track by lowering friction. 


Which way should sliding shower doors be installed? 

It is advised that the sliding panel be placed on the same side as the shower head when installing a sliding shower door, although this is not a must. Because the water will be flowing beyond the overlap, the possibility of water seeping in between the doors will be substantially less. 


What should I do to keep the doors of my shower from becoming damaged? 

In order to speed up the drying process after a shower, leaving the door open is recommended. You may install a water softener to decrease mineral buildup on shower doors and avoid hard water spots, or you can use a water-repellent spray, like Rain-X, to keep shower doors clean.


Final Words 

Whether you’re starting a bathroom remodel and looking for shower design ideas to get you started, or you’ve inherited a room that you need to work with, everyone may benefit from some creative thinking about how to maximize the space they have. You may want to think about checking your choices and conducting some research. In this manner, you may create the bathroom of your dreams. 

One piece of advice you may obtain from us is to install glass shower doors. Light is reflected from the glass and into the room, making it brighter. When a glass door is installed for a shower, it allows light to enter and creates the illusion of more room. 

If you feel, however, that your bathroom may need some enhancements, fear not; these articles will be of great assistance.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


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