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How to get blood out of concrete

Bloodstains can be difficult to clean from most surfaces especially when it concerns concrete. To clean your concrete from bloodstains, ensure you use the appropriate steps to avoid problems. If you want to know how to get blood out concrete , here are some steps to follow.

Bloat the area

If the blood on the concrete is still fresh and hasn’t dried up completely, you need to deal with it fast. With your gloves on ensure you get a clean cloth and carefully blot the area stained.

Spray some water and put sodium peroxide

Wear your safety equipment like giggles and saturate the stained area with water. After this, sprinkle with sine sodium peroxide, however, avoid this chemical getting into your nostrils or skin.

Carefully scrub the spot

Ensure you carefully rinse and clean the area. Check for any remnant of sodium in the area and take care of it. After you might have cleaned up, ensure you scrub the area vigorously.

Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.