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Furnishing your dream house is a lot of work. Of course, it’s incredibly exciting to be able to make your vision for your perfect home into a reality, but it’s also really difficult. 

While we can’t set up your dream house for you, we can surely help you choose an extremely important piece of furniture for your new space: a chair!

Of course, you want at least one comfy chair for a cozy nook in your home. Read on for our top picks of comfy reading chairs for small spaces

The Top 5 Comfy Reading Chairs for Small Spaces

1. Baxton Studio Gray Armchair 

This Baxton Studio Gray Armchair will add a touch of luxury to your house.

The armrests and legs are made of high-quality solid wood that gives the chair a mid-century look. They are extremely sturdy and capable of handling a lot of weight. You can sit in any position on this chair without worrying about it tipping over. 

It has a classic dark walnut finish with gray button-tufted cushions. Its cushions are removable, washable, and have stoppers underneath. 

You won’t have to worry about any spills or dust accumulation because of how easy the chair is to clean. We would also consider this chair to be child-friendly. 


  • It is comfortable yet compact and does not take a lot of space. Hence, it is ideal for small spaces.
  • The gray seat cushion is removable, making cleaning easier.
  • The neutral gray and walnut brown colors along with the simple design make it well-suited for a lot of styles.


  • The armrests are made of wood so it’s not the most comfortable chair.
  • It’s pretty small, so it’s not the best choice if you were looking for something that’s more spacious and comfortable.

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2. HUIMO Upholstered Armchair

This HUIMO Upholstered Armchair provides comfort, style, and functionality.

Its cushion and backrest are made of a high-quality sponge that’s super soft and durable. This adds a comforting element to your reading chair. It is also lined with a long-lasting soft linen fabric.

The armrests are made of solid dark brown wood covered with the same cushion and fabric as the rest of the chair. Every part of the chair is really cozy and comfortable. 

It features an amalgamation of contemporary and traditional style and will complement whatever room it’s placed in. 

This chair works well for a study where you can read your favorite book comfortably, your tiny living space where you watch TV and play games, or your bedroom.

It comes unassembled but with a detailed manual. All you have to do is assemble the legs and it’s ready to use. 


  • The fusion between contemporary and traditional makes it easy to pair with any theme or style.
  • The cushioned armrests take comfort up a notch.


  • The fusion between contemporary and traditional makes it easy to pair with any theme or style.
  • The cushioned armrests take comfort up a notch.

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3. Lohoms Modern Armchair 

If you are looking for comfy reading chairs for small spaces, this Lohoms Modern Armchair might just be the one. It has a simple and modern design. 

Its cushion is filled with a soft sponge and the legs are made out of a solid wood frame. It is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort.

Whether you use it as a comfy reading chair for long reading sessions or a stylish living room chair, this chair performs beautifully!


  • Its blue color could be the perfect pop of color your house needed.
  • It’s ergonomically designed, which makes it super comfortable. 


  • It comes unassembled, so you have to join the pieces together yourself.

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4. Christopher Knight Arm Chair

This Christopher Knight Arm Chair in Wasabi is one of the best options available for comfy reading chairs for small spaces. It is compact yet comfortable. It can also add a pop of color to any unused space and makes a wonderful accent chair.

The upholstered button-tufting cushion paired with the wooden legs gives it a mid-century look. The cushions have extra padding to make them more comfortable as well.

The color is flattering in almost any type of living space, and this chair nicely balances design and comfort. 


  • The sturdy and solid wood legs make it durable.
  • The color goes well with almost any kind of decor. 


  • Stains will stand out more on the light-colored cushion.

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5. Dazone Upholstered Armchair

This Dazone Upholstered Armchair is delightfully stylish. The legs are made out of a natural wood frame and the cushions are mustard-colored. 

The cushions are made out of a soft sponge and have S springs installed in them that allow them to maintain their shape for long periods of time. The linen fabric is kid-friendly and does not require a lot of maintenance.

The armrests are ergonomically designed, making this chair one of the best comfy chairs for small spaces. Furthermore, the cushion covers are removable, which makes cleaning easier. Take them off and throw them in the dryer and they’re good as new. 


  • The design is a plus. It is both traditional and contemporary and would suit any house well.
  • The ergonomic design adds to the comfort.
  • Removable cushions are great if you are particular about cleanliness. If you have kids who are always spilling and staining things, this could be the right pick for you. 


  • This chair comes unassembled. You need to set it up by following the installation guide.

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How to Figure Out Which Reading Chair Is Suitable for You

Having the right chair can tie together an entire room. Plus, a comfy chair is a great spot for reading and relaxing late at night or on a nice rainy day. A chair should be comfortable so that you can sit in it for hours without discomfort.

An ill-designed chair can cause back and neck pain, create posture issues, and hamper productivity. All the chairs we’ve reviewed are comfortable and would be a great addition to your house.

They all have a simple and ergonomic design that makes them particularly great chairs for small houses. 

An ergonomic chair is necessary because it provides your back with ample support. An ergonomically designed chair reduces back pain and hip pressure, improves posture, releases stress, and enhances productivity. 

So, if you are looking for a chair for your study, a home office, a lounge where you plan to sip your coffee and enjoy the sun, or a cozy nook in your bedroom, then any of the chairs we’ve reviewed are great options! 


As we’ve discussed, comfort is incredibly important in a chair. All of the chairs we’ve listed are very comfortable.

However, the Baxton Studio Upholstered Arm Chair is not suitable for you if you plan to sit on it for long hours, read, or snooze. Its armrests are wooden, and while they serve as a classic throwback to the 1950s and 1960s, they are not the best comfort-wise. 

The HUIMO Upholstered Armchair and the Dazone Upholstered Armchair score high in this aspect. One look at them and you can tell they are going to make long reading sessions super comfortable.


All five chairs are made of soft cushions and have wooden legs, making them long-lasting.

However, the Dazone Upholstered Armchair would be the best pick as far as the elasticity of the cushion is concerned. It has S springs in the cushion that make it more durable and allow it to retain its shape for much longer.

Color and Style

The Dazone Upholstered Armchair and the Lohoms Modern Armchair are more modern. If your house has a modern look and you want a chair that would complement that, you should go for either of those two. 

However, if you prefer a more mid-century look, you can go with any of the remaining three. 

The Lohoms Modern Armchair comes in a rich blue color, and the Dazone Upholstered Armchair is a vivid mustard color, so either work well as a nice splash of color in a room. 

If you are looking for something less attention-grabbing and more subtle, you can go with any of the remaining three, as their gray, beige, and wasabi colors are more neutral and subdued. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve seen some options as well as learned about the key features you need to look for in comfy reading chairs for small spaces, let’s answer some general questions you may have. 

Is the Cushion Removable for Cleaning?

While all five of these comfy reading chairs for small spaces are quite easy to clean with your average vacuum cleaner, the Baxton Studio Gray Armchair is particularly great in this regard. It features removable cushions, which make your periodical cleaning sessions a piece of cake.

If you are especially concerned about cleanliness, the Dazone Upholstered Armchair is an excellent pick too. You can easily remove the cushion covers at any time and throw them in the wash for fresh, clean cushions every time. 

Other than that, all the other options are designed with tight seams between the cushions. This means they do not accumulate any dust or dirt inside easily and you can clean the top covers with your usual vacuum cleaner. 

How Much Weight Can the Chairs Bear?

These comfy chairs are designed for maximum comfort for all. Accordingly, they have a solid build that supports the weight of most people. You need not worry about the chairs wobbling or shaking when you sit or get off from the chair.

The Christopher Knight Arm Chair is particularly good in this regard because of its smart design. It features shorter legs that give the chair some stability, and it’s fitted with thick cushions that make it nice and comfortable. The chair has the perfect height that lends itself to stability and sturdiness. Its height also makes it easy to sit and stand up. 

What Is the Seat Height?

The height of the seat is a crucial consideration as it directly affects how comfortable a chair is to use. Seat height refers to the distance between the floor and the top of the cushion. 

The height for these chairs ranges from 17.5 inches high to more than 23 inches high. If you are tall and prefer a slightly higher chair, the Dazone Upholstered Armchair will be a great pick for you.

If you prefer slightly lower chairs, you can opt for the Baxton Studio Gray Armchair, which stands at a little above 17.5 inches.

It is also important to remember that cushions tend to sink a little over time, depending on the frequency of usage. Therefore, make sure you keep that in mind when you make your final decision. 


All five of the chairs we’ve reviewed are great options that deliver in terms of looks and comfort. However, if we were to choose our top pick, it would have to be the Dazone Upholstered Armchair.

The mustard color is beautiful to look at and is the perfect accent for any room. Not only that, but it is also design-forward. The button-tufting is impeccably done and the thick and pillowy soft cushions are delightfully comfortable.

The color is also forgiving on stains as opposed to an off-white or beige. Moreover, the cushion covers are removable, which makes the cleaning process easier and more thorough. 

If you want a chair that is very compact and equally comfortable, you can go for the HUIMO Upholstered Armchair. 

The design ensures that it does not occupy a lot of space. If you are short on floor space and want the most compact comfortable chair, this is your best option. 

We hope that our guide on the best comfy reading chairs for small spaces has helped you find design inspiration while furnishing your home. 

Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.