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How to get spray paint off concrete

During a painting project, sometimes there are stray paints that fall on concrete. This will give your concrete a bad look and you need to remove them immediately. Here are some recommendations on how to get spray paint off concrete.

Scrub using soap and water

If you want an easy method of removing spray paint from concrete then, this should be your first choice. It doesn’t require many tills, all you need is a water solution and scrub the area.

Use a Paint thinner or Stripper

If you are dealing with a bigger affected area, then you need to buy a stripper and paint thinner. While water solutions can clean small areas, thinners are recommended for severe issues. You don’t need much effort as they are manufactured to act as solvents.

Use a Graffiti Remover

When paint thinners and strippers fail to work, then you need a graffiti remover. This product will allow the paint to loosen easily and your concrete will be clean. It’s ideal for hard surfaces like concrete.

Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.