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How to Remove Tar from Concrete

How to Remove Tar from Concrete

Concrete floor stains have always proven to be tough to get rid of, but tar tops that. There are several known and tested methods when it comes to removing tar from concrete; these two methods are the most prominent, and they include:

1. The use of Vinegar or Dishwashing Agent

Vinegar may dissolve tar on concrete: mix 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and dishwashing liquid in a bowl. Apply the solution with a sponge and blot continuously. Repeat until the sponge is dry.

2. Using diluted Acid Solutions

Muriatic acid is often used to remove tar from concrete. It’s very useful for large or widespread stains.

  • First, dilute acid to dissolve tar. These items come with instructions, including how much to infuse.
  • Apply the tar solution. Apply the solution to the tar-stained surface. Slowly spread to reduce bubble smells. Tar slowly dissolves after that.
  • Scrub tar with a hard brush. After an adequate time, start cleaning with a firm brush.
  • Use a plastic scraper to remove the loose tar. Wipe it dry.
  • Seal. Finish your floor. Seal the damaged area. After cleaning, your concrete will appear new.
Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.