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Where to buy crushed concrete near me

Crushed concrete can be gotten in demolished construction sites, parking spaces or concrete projects. You can also buy your crushed concrete from a nearby construction company around you.

Not getting your crushed concrete from the right source can make you not get the right size or even the right weight for your walkways, pathways or garden beds.

This article guides you through that right place to get your best crushed concrete that will be durable, clean and strong enough for an all-around use.

What is crushed concrete and why do you need it

Crushed concrete is reusable debris made from previous asphalt in construction sites which are used to make garden beds, driveways or pathways.

One of the greatest benefits of crushed concrete is that it is environmentally friendly and helps in waste management. Crushed concrete is recycled and, by doing so, helps to keep the environment clean and safe.

It is also very durable and neat. Using crushed concrete also saves you alot financially because it is easy to produce or recycled.

Types of crushed concrete

Type 1 aggregate

The type 1 aggregate ranges from 50 mm down to smaller particles of aggregates such as sands. Type 1 aggregates are usually used to form the sub-base layers of construction works, sitting in between concrete and tar. Most people use it also as a car park hard core because of its sturdiness.

Type 2 crushed concrete

This is also known as 6F2 concrete. It is from demolition and is one of the hardest of crushed concrete types. The size of type 2 crushed concrete varies, since it is recycled from demolitions. It ranges from 75mm down to common dust.

Type 3 crushed concrete

This type of crushed concrete ranges between the size of 0 to 63mm in size. It is also obtained from demolished sites.

Where can I buy crushed concrete

You can buy your crushed concrete from different sources around you including demolished project sites, which is actually one of the commonest sources. This could be roads, building sites or any other place where concrete has been used to build projects but is now demolished.

You can, however, buy your crushed concrete from a professional company which specializes in breaking stones and concrete into sizes using their sophisticated crushing machines. One of the advantages of buying your crushed concrete from a professional crushing company is that you can always order or determine the size to buy. The crushing machines are adjusted to cut the crushed concrete into that size of your choice.


How do I prevent water from washing of my crushed concrete

Drainage systems such as French drains are the best way to prevent water from washing off your crushed concrete.

How much crushed concrete do I need for my project

The amount of crushed concrete you need depends on two things, the area you want to cover and the number of layers you want to install.

What tools do I need for my crushed concrete installation

You need a shovel, grade laser, wheelbarrow, safety signs and flags, gloves and small tractors.

Crushed concrete and gravel which is better

Crushed concrete is better than gravel because it is more durable, more cost effective, and more sustainable.

Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.