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5 Best Security Bars for Sliding Doors

5 Best Security Bars for Sliding Doors

When thinking about ways to keep your house safe, don’t forget about the sliding glass doors. Many burglars target sliding doors because they are seen as security holes in a house. 

Putting the best security bars are an excellent way to reinforce these weak places of access. With the information you get from this article, you’ll be able to make an educated choice about how to best increase the safety of your house with the installation of security bars on your sliding glass doors.

We’ll talk about a few different choices, including patio door security bars that are made to fit sliding glass doors. These bars may be adjusted to fit your needs, are very sturdy, and serve as a visual deterrent to would-be attackers. 

Sliding door window security bars, which are installed in the door’s track and prevent entrance via the window, will also be discussed. Strength, simplicity of installation, and customization are just a few of the criteria that will be used to rank the available choices.

Your house and loved ones will be safe and secure with the knowledge you get from this article, which provides a thorough analysis of the finest security bars for sliding doors.

  • Master Lock door security Bar

Master Lock door security Bar

Image Source: Amazon


Price: $23.99

When it comes to home protection, the Master Lock door security bar is among the best on the market. Its length is modifiable, making it a useful tool for adding security to doors that could otherwise be vulnerable to attack. The bar’s non-marring yoke and sturdy build make it last without being too hard on your floor, and the pivoting ball joint makes it easy to get a good fit. The Master Lock door security bar gives you piece of mind and makes it obvious to would-be burglars that you mean business.



  • Durable steel framework
  • Compatible with patio doors, regular doors, and sliding glass doors.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Lots of alternatives for making a purchase
  • Extensive range of motion and versatility



  • Not really great on wood


What Customers Are Saying?

Except for this one nitpick, customers can’t see any significant problems. Master Lock did an excellent job designing a security bar that can be installed in sliding doors or on patios. However, some buyers have complained that the security door stopper doesn’t work very well on wooden flooring. It functioned well enough, although they wished it were more robust for usage with wood.

  • Security Bar from South Main Hardware

Security Bar from South Main Hardware

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $20.99

The South Main Hardware Security Bar is a sturdy and durable product designed to improve home safety. Its length is adjustable, so it may be used on doors of varying widths and thicknesses to make them stronger and less vulnerable to being broken into. The sturdy structure and nonslip grip of the bar assure stability and protect flooring. The South Main Hardware Security Bar is a visible deterrent that improves home security and gives homeowners peace of mind, plus it’s easy to install and remove.



  • White, high-quality, and cheap
  • Solid steel framework
  • Sliding-door attachment with a detachable head
  • Size-adjustable from 29″ to 45″
  • Footwear with a scratch-proof rubber sole



  • Possible incompatibility with certain door and frame styles
  • Door frames might be damaged if the security bar is not placed and set correctly
  • Has limited range of motion


What Customers Are Saying?

Most customers were delighted with the product’s performance as a security bar for sliding glass doors. They applaud the added safety measures and express confidence that the door jammer will prevent any attempted forced entrance. However, a small number of buyers have reported problems with shipment after purchasing this door safety bar. 


  • Home Security Bar by Brink

Home Security Bar by Brink

Image Source: Amazon


Price: $25.00

Brink’s Home Security Bar is an effective and sturdy security measure. Its length may be adjusted to reinforce doors against brute force attacks. The compact design and non-slip grip assure the bar’s stability, while its many possible applications stem from its portability. The Home Security Bar by Brink is a visual deterrent and provides homeowners with peace of mind; it is also easy to install and remove.



  • Rolls up into a compact size for portability.
  • Steel tube architecture provides superior protection against attempted break-ins
  • Compatible with swinging and sliding doors
  • Dogs and cats won’t destroy it
  • Has a lifetime coverage



  • The design is not that visually appealing


What Customers Are Saying?

According to reviews, the door stop provides adequate security. It will serve its intended function as a security bar for my patio door or any comparable door in my house with no problem. However, it doesn’t have the best aesthetics of the door security gadgets. The gray color scheme is a little unappealing since it has an air of harsh industry about it.

  • SABRE HS-DSB Home Security Bar

SABRE HS-DSB Home Security Bar

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $24.99

The SABRE HS-DSB Home Security Bar is adaptable and high-quality. It fits most ordinary doors and protects against forced entry with its adjustable length. Durable steel and a rotating ball joint hold the bar. Its ergonomic handle and rubberized base reduce floor damage. The SABRE HS-DSB Home Security Bar is portable and simple to install, deterring burglars.



  • It simply takes a few seconds to set up.
  • Steel-made security apparatus that works effectively
  • Ball joints provide a snug fit and easy pivoting
  • Cushioned sole prevents damage to hard surfaces
  • An alert system is included



  • The security bar may scratch certain floors.
  • Steel structure makes it heavier and harder to move around


What Customers Are Saying?

Customers who have purchased SABRE’s HS-DSB Home Security Bar have praised how simple it is to set up and use. This door bar was installed in a matter of seconds due to its user-friendly design. The rotating ball joint in the product’s design is also noteworthy, since it guarantees that the door jammer makes complete contact with the floor. Although the security bar is recommended, it is crucial to measure your door and frame to be sure it will fit before making a purchase.


  • Guard Dog Door Lock Bar

Guard Dog Door Lock Bar

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $29.99

Protect your house with the sturdy and adaptable Guard Dog Door Lock Bar. Its length may be adjusted to accommodate most regular doors while still serving as a formidable barrier to entrance. The bar is made of sturdy steel, has a non-slip grip, and a rubberized base to protect your floors. The Guard Dog Door Lock Bar provides security and deters would-be attackers with its intimidating appearance and the ease with which it can be installed or removed.



  • There are 40 possible configurations
  • Uncomplicated, tool-free assembly
  • Quality protection against force up to 300 pounds
  • Sliding door top section is removable



  • Not efficient on hardwood or ceramic flooring


What Customers Are Saying?

The fact that this lock bar has a detachable top piece has pleased purchasers since it makes it suitable for use on sliding glass doors.  Unfortunately, this product, like many others, has trouble adhering to hard surfaces like hardwood or tile. Slipping and losing effectiveness compared to when used on carpet or other surfaces is a common occurrence.


What To Look For In A Security Bar?

If you want maximum efficiency and contentment with your security lock bar purchase, you should give some thought to a few different variables. Some crucial elements are as follows:



Find a lock bar that can be adjusted in length. You may adjust the height and width to suit a wide variety of door widths and heights. It guarantees the lock bar’s correct placement and assures a tight fit for maximum reinforcement.


Design for Strength and Longevity: 

The usefulness of the lock bar relies on its sturdy build and long lifespan. Choose a lock bar constructed from sturdy material, such steel. This makes the lock bar strong enough to withstand brute-force attacks. The lock bar’s high quality of manufacture ensures that it will last for a long time and provide dependable security.


Grip and Non-Slip Base: 

Think about the shape of the lock bar’s grip and foot. Lock bars that are easy to hold and manipulate in the way they should be are a huge convenience. In addition, try to choose a lock bar that has some kind of cushioning or base that prevents it from sliding about. This not only increases the lock bar’s stability while in use, but also keeps it from sliding and damaging the floor.


Simplicity of Setup: 

Select a lock bar that can be simply attached and detached. Try to choose models that can be set up with a minimum of extra hardware. The ideal lock bar would feature a simple mechanism that allowed for fast installation and removal. This ease of use and adaptability to various settings is guaranteed.



Think about how the lock bar will work with a variety of door and frame styles. There may be restrictions on the lock bar’s suitability for use with a certain door’s thickness, breadth, or frame material. Make sure the lock bar you choose will work with the doors you want to secure.



Think about portability if you plan on bringing the lock bar to other places. Try to choose a portable lock bar that doesn’t weigh too much. Some lock bars are foldable or telescopic, making them easy to transport and store in little space.


Feedback from Actual Customers: 

Read the lock bar reviews and check the ratings before you buy. The opinions of previous buyers may provide light on the product’s quality, functionality, and longevity. Keep an eye out for complaints or difficulties that keep cropping up so you can make a well-informed choice.


How to Assemble a Security Lock Bar?

Assembly nstructions for a security lock bar may be different from one model to the next. But here’s a basic breakdown of how to put up a standard security lock bar:


Learn the parts that make it up: 

You should begin by learning the individual functions of the lock bar. The main bar, rod, or telescopic sections, handle, and any attachments or extras are the usual components.


Modify the span: 

Lock bars with length adjustments should be adjusted so that they are flush with the top of the door. To correctly adjust the length, see the manufacturer’s instructions. Indicators or markings on the lock bar may be helpful here.


Set the lock bar in place: 

Hold the lock bar’s end firmly on the inside doorknob or handle. Check that it is positioned properly before moving on.

Join the two ends together or lengthen one: Extend the movable rod or secure the lock bar’s other end to the jamb on the other side of the door. The plan is to construct a solid wall that makes it impossible to force open the entrance.


Secure the bar by locking it: 

The lock bar may or may not feature a locking mechanism or secure grip system, depending on its design. Make sure the bar is securely fastened by engaging or tightening the locking mechanism.


Check the steadiness:

After the lock bar has been installed, you may test its steadiness by giving it a little pull or push. The door should be held in place securely and not budge. If there is shaking or swaying, examine the assembly’s placement and make sure everything is connected tightly.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What kinds of materials do people often use to make security bars?

Sliding door security bars are often constructed from metals like steel or aluminum because of their strength and longevity. These materials have the sturdiness to bear heavy pressure and discourage would-be intruders.


How difficult would it be to place security bars on a sliding door?

Most security bars for sliding glass doors may be installed in a matter of minutes. They often have movable parts and need little extras for installation. However, for a successful installation, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Do sliding doors allow for simple removal of security bars?

Security bars may be made to be easily removed in the event of an emergency or when they aren’t needed. Some designs offer quick-release mechanisms or flexible mounting brackets for hassle-free installation and removal.


Are there security bars specifically designed for different types of sliding doors?

Sliding patio doors, glass doors, and windows may all benefit from the installation of security bars. It’s crucial to get a security bar that works with the make and model of your sliding door.


Can sliding door security bars be used with the standard locks?

Sliding doors may have security bars installed in addition to their locks. They supplement the current locking systems by adding an extra degree of security.


Final Words

The finest security bars for sliding doors will be robust, long-lasting, and simple to install. Steel or aluminum bars with adjusting elements will guarantee a snug and comfortable fit. Think of models that can be easily set up and taken down. Quick-release bars or brackets that may be easily adjusted may be the best options. 

Pick bars that won’t go in the way of the sliding door’s smooth functioning, too. The finest security bars for sliding doors include these features, so you can feel safe and secure in your house. They prevent intruders from easily opening the door and function as a visual deterrent.


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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


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