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7 Best Spin Mops That You Should Purchase Immediately

Are you sick of mopping your floors with the same old thing every time? Do you have to wring out the mop often and fight to remove tough stains? If that’s the case, you should probably get a spin mop.

Because of their effectiveness in swiftly and easily cleaning floors, spin mops have exploded in popularity in recent years. Spin mops, in contrast to standard mops, include an integrated wringer that enables the user to regulate the quantity of water needed to mop the floor. This will help you save time and save your flooring from becoming ruined by standing water.

This review article will focus on the top spin mops available today. We will be comparing their usefulness in cleaning a variety of floor surfaces, as well as their features, durability, and convenience of use. We have spin mops that are ideal for use on hardwood, tile, and laminate floors. Let’s get to it and locate the best spin mop for your needs!


  • Hurricane Spin Mop, Made of Microfiber

Hurricane Spin Mop, Made of Microfiber

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $49.99

This spin mop is convenient because to its foot-operated bucket. The flat design and microfiber head make it ideal for getting dust and spills from beneath furniture. The Hurricane’s attachments, such as the dolly and duster head, may be used with it as well.



  • Its bucket has a pedal that may be used to squeeze the mop head
  • The mop head can rotate across a full circle
  • With its see-through bucket, you can easily check the water level



  • There is no drain in the bucket
  • No spare mop head included


What Customers are Saying?

Numerous happy buyers have commented on how much they like the spin mop’s portability, low price, and general superiority over conventional mops. Some customers have complained that the spin mop bucket is constructed of cheap plastic, which is a common complaint among those who have written critical reviews.


  • Spin Mop Bucket by Tsmine 

Spin Mop Bucket by Tsmine 

Image Source: Amazon 

Price: $78.99

The mop handle of this high-quality spin mop is made from sturdy materials, and the mop bucket comes with a stainless steel drying basket. The agitator in the bucket makes it simple to clean the spin mop after use, and it can be used on hard floor types such as hardwood, tile, and marble.



  • Features a wheeled mop bucket with a carrying handle
  • The multi-surface efficiency of the microfiber head makes it ideal for use on both laminate and hardwood flooring
  • There is a drain at the bottom of the bucket



  • Its lightweight construction makes it unsteady while being transported.
  • The area covered by its microfiber mop head is lower than that of leading alternatives


What Customers Are Saying?

Users commended the spin mop’s design, praising its straightforward assembly and user-friendly grip. Other happy buyers commented on the mop’s portability. Many reviewers found fault with the spin mop because of the plastic bucket, saying it broke easily.


  • Spin Mop on Wheels, the Mopnado Deluxe

Spin Mop on Wheels, the Mopnado Deluxe

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $64.99

This spin mop has a mobile bucket with heavy-duty wheels and an extendable handle. The mop also features a 14-inch mop head and has a telescoping handle that can be adjusted between 47 and 56 inches. Additionally, the mop’s bucket has a built-in agitator.



  • Includes a brush for cleaning it off after use
  • Integrated rust-proof drying basket.
  • Features a height-adjustable mop handle



  • It’s cumbersome to re-fill its massive bucket
  • Stiff and awkward to use handle


What Customers Are Saying?

The microfiber cleaning head received numerous compliments from consumers, who found it to be durable, versatile, and simple to clean. Many reviewers mentioned they would not recommend this product since the spin mop’s handle is poorly constructed and requires frequent tightening.


  • Microfiber Spin Mop from BOOMJOY

Microfiber Spin Mop from BOOMJOY

Image Source: Amazon


Price: $58.99

The rotating bucket of this mop is easily detachable, making routine cleaning a breeze. The microfiber cleaning head on this mop rotates in all directions to get into hard-to-reach places. The mop has an extendable handle that can reach 51 inches.



  • It comes with a detergent dispenser right on the mop bucket
  • The mop handle is made of stainless steel
  • The microfiber head is two inches thick



  • Testing revealed that the mop’s handle was weak and awkward to use.
  • Its diamond-shaped mop head makes it tough to connect microfiber pads.


What Customers Are Saying?

The spin mop received a lot of praise for its long-lasting construction. The drainage hole in the spin mop’s bucket was cited as a beneficial feature by several reviewers. The spin mop has been criticized for leaking in several reviews.


  • O-Cedar Spin Mop Microfiber Easy-Wring Wringer

O-Cedar Spin Mop Microfiber Easy-Wring Wringer

Image Source: Amazon


Price: $58.99

With simple water, the O-Cedar spin mop can eliminate 99.9 percent of germs, the company claims. The manufacturer’s unique design for the bucket includes a wringer and a foot pedal to regulate the amount of water in the mop head.



  • Uses simply water to wash floors clean of germs and dirt.
  • The mop’s triangular shape allows it to get into tighter spaces
  • The splash guard contained the water in the bucket.
  • Features a remarkable telescopic handle



  • The basket is made of flimsy plastic spinning


What Customers are Saying?

Microfiber mop heads include tiny charged strands that may attract allergies and bacteria in addition to dirt and debris. Despite the modest size of the mop heads, this system comes with a number of spares. Although it has a splash guard and no wheels, some users do not find this type to be as convenient as others without a foot pedal. 


  •  Libman Convenient Spin Mop with Microfiber Pads 

 Libman Convenient Spin Mop with Microfiber Pads 

Image Source: Amazon


Price: $36.56

Having to buy and keep a variety of mops is a hassle and an unnecessary expense if your house has more than one kind of hard flooring. The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket is versatile enough to be used on any floor type.



  • Easy assembly
  • Mop head that rotates a whole sphere
  • Compatible with any flooring



  • Alignment issues between the mop head and spin basket are common

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers are abuzz about the product’s deep-cleaning capabilities. It includes a microfiber head and a spin chamber made of stainless steel, so wringing clothes is quick and easy. The microfiber mop may be used either dry for dusting or dampened for cleaning hardwood floors.


  • Mop and bucket wringer by HAPINNEX 

Mop and bucket wringer by HAPINNEX 

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $52.99

A spin mop can do more than simply clean floors; all you need is the correct attachments. The Hapinnex Spin Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set is equipped with a scrub brush and two microfiber mop heads for sweeping and wet mopping, respectively. 



  • A microfiber mop head and a cleaning brush are included
  • In-motion mop washing with a spin washer
  • Equipped with a removable wringer and protective splash ring



  • The plastic mechanism of the lock is easily broken


What Customers are Saying?

This spin mop may be used for a variety of purposes, and it also contains a number of helpful accessories. It comes with both a spin washer and a stainless steel spin bucket with a hand pump for easy mop drainage. Users are unanimous in their praise, saying the product is well worth the cost. 


How to Assemble A Spin Mop: An Ultimate Guide

How to Assemble A Spin Mop: An Ultimate Guide

Image Source: Mop Floor

It’s vital to follow the instructions provided by the mop’s maker, since they may differ somewhat based on the mop’s type and brand. But here are some broad guidelines that could help you put together a spin mop:


Separate the parts:

Get everything out of the box and double check that you have everything you need before beginning the assembly. Mop heads, mop handles, mop buckets, and spin baskets are the standard components of a spin mop.

Join the broom handle:

Find the spout in the mop’s handle first. The mop handle is tightened by being inserted into the hole and then turned clockwise. If you use a mop, check that the head is linked to the handle.


Put together the mop bucket:

The mop bucket may arrive in two pieces, requiring assembly, depending on the design. After putting the bucket together, secure the spin basket inside.


Join the spin basket and the mop head: 

Align the mop head with the clips on the spin basket and place the mop head in the basket. The mop head is locked into position by pressing down on the mop handle, which activates the clips.


Fill the bucket with water:

Following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If you fill the bucket too much, water will pour out of the edges.


Tumble the mops: 

Wet the mop head, remove it, and put it in the spin basket. To spin the mop and drain the water, press down on the handle. If necessary, you should do this again.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to set up and operate your spin mop successfully. Again, the manufacturer’s manual should be consulted for information unique to your model.


The Factors to Weigh Before Purchasing a Spin Mop 

It’s crucial to consider how the spin mop’s design and specs will affect its performance and your experience with it before making a purchase. If you’re on the market for a spin mop, take these four things into account.


Rigging for Squeezing

The water bucket of most spin mops is separated into clean and dirty water compartments. The clean part of a mop bucket is where you put the soapy water to clean the floor, while the filthy part has a pedal or handle to wring out the mop head.

Pedal-operated spin mops, such as the Hurricane Spin Mop, spin and spray unclean water away from the mop head. The Tsmine Spin Mop Bucket System is an example of a spin mop with a handle mechanism that rotates the mop head with the press of a button located in the dirty water compartment.


Components of a Dust Mop

A spin mop’s microfiber head is designed to efficiently capture both dirt and water. Most modern spin mops have heads made of microfiber because of its longevity, cleanliness, and ease of care. Most spin mops have microfiber cleaning heads, although their handles might be made of plastic or metal. Metal-handled mops are more long-lasting than their plastic equivalents, but they also tend to cost more.


Bucket Attributes

Many spin mop buckets have tools for washing the mop’s head and filling the bucket with fresh water. Some spin mops, for instance, allow you to fill the mop’s soapy water reservoir directly from the detergent container. The BOOMJOY Spin Mop and other versions include integrated drainage systems for dumping used water.


Extras At No Extra Cost

Replacement mop heads and scrubber attachments are standard fare for spin mops. A scrubbing brush may be attached to the Mopnado Deluxe Stainless-Steel Rolling Spin Mop, and the Tsmine Spin Mop Bucket System comes with six microfiber replacement heads.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Can I use a spin mop on any floor?

Hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring are just some of the surfaces that benefit from the usage of a spin mop.


Are the spin mops easy to use?

The usage of a spin mop is often relatively straightforward. The mop head may be submerged in the cleaning solution, and the built-in wringer can be used to remove excess water before mopping can begin.


Can I use a spin mop on carpets?

Spin mops should not be used on carpets, unfortunately. Only use them on a firm surface, as they were intended.


Do various types of mop heads fit on spin mops?

The mop heads of many spin mops are indeed detachable and may be swapped out for certain sorts of floors or cleaning chores.


How do I clean a spin mop?

Most spin mop heads may be cleaned in a washing machine. Mop heads may be easily washed in the washing machine using a moderate cycle after being detached from the handle.


Final Words

Finally, if you want to save time and effort when mopping the floor, a spin mop is a terrific purchase. They perform a better job of cleaning than regular mops and save time and effort in the process. A spin mop eliminates the need to wring out your mop by hand, allowing you to focus on maintaining clean floors without interruption.

You should think about your specific demands and the flooring you’ll be cleaning before settling on a spin mop. Investing in a high-quality spin mop and taking your time with the selection process will pay off in the form of a cleaner, healthier house.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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