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How Many Bags Of Concrete On A Pallet?

How Many Bags Of Concrete On A Pallet?

The number of concrete bags that will fit on a pallet per time is a question that no one can answer, given that bags of concrete differ in weight. Therefore, a lighter weight of concrete will typically have more bags of that weight fitted onto a pallet than a concrete bag weighing more.

We will be sharing more information regarding the questions surrounding this subject. Some of these will include the following:

  • the number of bags of a specific weight that a pallet will hold
  • a little about the expected cost of these Products.

What Is A Pallet?

Bags of concrete or other goods are usually carried in heaps. A pallet is a simple structure typically made of wood to simultaneously lift many of these loads. Pallets, also called skids, provide support and allow forklifts and other machinery to transport these loads from one point to another easily.

What are the Different Concrete Bag Weights?

The concrete mix comes in different bag sizes in the United States. The best concrete brands’ most common concrete bag sizes come in 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, and 80lb sizes. However, you might find some 70lb and 94 lb bags of concrete.

What Number of Bags Will Fit On A Pallet?

The weight of a concrete bag is an established key factor in determining how many bags of concrete will fit on a pallet. However, another factor to consider is that the number of bags of concrete on each pallet could change based on which concrete manufacturing company you purchase from.

Furthermore, stores selling concrete will arrange bags of concrete on a pallet depending on each customer’s specific need. Some of the commonly used brands of concrete mix are Sakrete and Quikrete. Check out the number of bags based on product weight occupying a given pallet according to US estimated standards on our chart. Additionally, we will consider the overall weight of the pallet plus load in this chart.

Weight (lb)

Number Of Bags Per Pallet

Overall Weight (lb)
















These figures may differ at the point of actual purchase. For instance, some retailers package less than 42 bags of 80 lb per pallet.


Sakrete has many products, but its concrete mix products are mainly packed in 50 lb and 80 lb sizes.

How Many Are 50 lb Bags Of Concrete Mix On A Pallet?

Sakrete produces several 50 lb bagged products, including; High Early Strength Concrete Mix, Fast Setting Concrete Mix, Fast Resistant Concrete Mix, all with 4000 Psi and a Cold Water Concrete Mix of 8000 Psi, etc.

They package 64 of these products on a pallet per time for transportation.

How Many Sakrete 80 lb Bags Of Concrete Mix Are On A Pallet?

The High Strength Concrete Mix and Concrete Countertop Mix are available in 80 lb bags. A single pallet fits 42 of these bags at any given time.


Quikrete has concrete mix products in bags of almost every size ranging from 40 lb to 80 lb.

How Many Quikrete 40 lb Bags Are On A Pallet?

You usually find 80 bags of any of Quikrete’s 40 lb concrete products on a pallet. The manufacturers make and distribute the Companies Concrete Resurfacers in 40 lb bags and other 50, 60, and 80 lb sizes.

How Many Quikrete 50 lb Bags Are On A Pallet?

Quikrete packages its unique fast-setting concrete mix in 50 lb sizes and transports 64 bags on a pallet.

How Many Quikrete 60 lb Bags Are On A Pallet?

High Early Strength Concrete Mix products are packed in 60 lb and 80 lb bags. However, people will place only about 56 60 lb bags on a pallet for storing or movement.

How Many Quikrete 80 lb Bags Are On A Pallet?

The Concrete Resurfacer packed in 40 lb is also available in 80 lb bags. Other products that are also provided in 80 lb bags are the High Early Strength Concrete Mix products which are moved in smaller numbers of 42 bags per pallet.

How Much Will A Concrete Pallet Cost?

The cost of an individual pallet of concrete will depend on the weight of the concrete being carried. Lightweight concrete mixes will cost lower than heavier weights. Typically a pallet carrying concrete mix products between 40 to 90 lb should cost below $500. Buying in bulk saves a lot of extra bucks when you don’t purchase individual product units.

The cost of some of the Sakrete and Quikrete products discussed earlier are as follows:

Product Description


High Early Strength Concrete Mix (50 lb) Sakrete


High Strength Concrete Mix (80 lb) Sakrete


Fast Setting Concrete Mix (50lb) Quikrete


High Strength Concrete Mix (80 lb) Quikrete


Purpose Of The Concrete Calculators

Concrete calculators were devised to help people carry out proper estimates ahead of any concrete work project. The first step is to use standard concrete calculators created to estimate a specific project. Some Concrete calculators include:

Slab Concrete Calculators

Slabs serve different purposes in buildings. The standard slab dimensions are 9 to 10 feet in length, and the standard width is about 6 or 7 feet with a thickness of about 4 to 10 inches. Considering your required dimensions, You can now enter the details for estimating the number of concrete bags needed.

Column Calculators

Concrete columns usually take on a circular or rectangular shape. Therefore the dimensions needed will be based on the column’s shape and height. The standard size of a column is 9 x 9 inches.

Footing Calculator

A footing of a building is a part of its foundation, and users must take great care to use the right amount of materials needed and good precision with the dimensions. Although dimensions may differ based on the structure to be raised on that foundation, a building’s footings standard size is

How Many Bags Of Concrete Should Be Used For Concrete Work?

The number of bags of concrete used for a project will vary based on the specific structure it is used for, and we’ll be considering the slab, column, and footing.


For a standard 10 x 10 feet with a thickness of 4 inches slab:

Weight (lb)

Number Of Bags









ColumnsThe number of bags needed to construct a column of 9 x 9 inches standing with a height of 20 are shown below.meters

Weight (lb)

Number Of Bags Required









FootingsUsing the standard dimensions of 3.5 feets, 12 inches depth and 4.92 feets required for a foundation footing of a G + 1 building, the specific number of bags needed for its construction was found based on the bags weight.

Weight (lb)

Number Of Bags Required









How Can You Properly Store Concrete On A Pallet?

All concrete mixes and cement products are not moisture tolerant, which is a pivotal factor to consider when deciding where to store your materials. Keep concrete in rooms with minimal air or moisture interference on a pallet.

Additionally, the rooms where concrete is stored should only house concrete products, and these products shouldn’t be placed close to each other. Purchase your concrete mix products before you use them to avoid making them unfit for use because of undue exposure to cold conditions.

Determining The Quality And Durability Of Concrete Mix

It is essential to understand the caliber of any product before purchasing so you don’t end up with products that are not useful to you. Some things one needs to look out for when purchasing any brand of Concrete Mix include:

  • Check the production date because using too new concrete is not advisable, and the same principle applies to using too old products.
  • Check and confirm that the cement Color is uniform and feels even and smooth when rubbed between the fingers. The presence of lumps or coarseness could indicate that cement contains moisture and a rough feel means the concrete mix is not pure.
  • The concrete mix should have a cold feeling; if it’s warm, something is wrong.
  • Confirm the manufacturer’s name to ensure it is not fake, and also confirm you are picking the right product for your needs. For example, you should purchase something other than a countertop concrete mix instead of a high-strength concrete mix.
  • Additionally, confirming brand names will ensure you are fully aware of the quality of the product you’re picking because some certain manufacturers are better than others.

Where To Buy Concrete On A Pallet?

You can easily find the correct concrete mix quantity at Lowes, Home Depot, and Amazon. However, if it is available at your local stores, you should consider going there for your needs.

Final Words

The number of concrete mix bags you would find on each pallet will depend on the weight of the products you plan to purchase and where you are getting them. The number of bags per pallet ranges from 40 to 80. Although the United States has a standard number of bags that should be on a pallet considering the weight, there are other factors that influence and alter this fixed number.

Ensure that after considering the quantity, you also check the quality. The outcome of your concrete work will largely depend on the quality of the product used.

Trisha Mae Raymundo
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