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How to Make Concrete Molds From Wood

How to Make Concrete Molds From Wood

Making concrete molds from wood will come in handy for people who love to fix things around the house or find it complicated or expensive to hire labor and a contractor for small jobs.

The function of a Concrete mold is to give a defined shape to the finished concrete. Wooden forms are used to set the shape of concrete slabs, walls, sidewalks, and other things made of concrete.

It doesn’t matter if one is making a concrete planter box, a coffee table, or a concrete countertop, an excellent and strong mold is required.

So, read through the article to learn how to make wooden concrete molds and other things you need to know.

Get a Wood

First, determine what the width and length of the finished concrete slab will be, and also the thickness. Then, you can purchase pieces of wood or get them from a selection of old furniture that has been broken or taken apart at home. The wood should have the required width, length, and thickness.

Before purchasing, ensure that some of the woods you want to buy are at least two inches longer than the measurement you require. This will help if there are other adjustments to be made later.

Gather the equipment you need

After purchasing the wood, the next step is gathering the necessary equipment to help you get the job done.

A hammer, bar clamps, a circular saw, a caulking gun, and marble are some of the pieces of equipment you will need.

You will also need nails or drywall screws, depending on your preference.

Also, ensure you have safety gear to make the work less risky and more comfortable. Such types of gear are ; goggles, gloves, and a face mask.

Measure the Wood

The next step in making concrete molds from wood is to measure your board. The point of attachment can be found by dividing the extra length of the longer wood boards in half.

Measure the length of each longer board with a tape measure and calculate the distance between the two ends. Make a mark with a pencil after that.

Assembling the Pieces of Wood

This is the fourth step in making wooden concrete molds. To assemble the pieces of wood, follow these instructions.

Attach the Long Side Walls to the Mold Base With Clamps

Place the board facing up on a work surface, then put the side walls on the edge of the board and secure them with clamps.

Put the Long Side Walls on the Base of the Mold

Drill and screw six holes evenly spaced along each side wall. Set each screw firmly to pull the side wall close to the base.

Complete the Mold With the Short Side Walls

Put the side walls on their sides and next to the board. Start by making pilot holes, and then put screws into each side wall.

If you have more extended bar clamps, Use them to secure the side walls as you screw. If you don’t have a stop, use a wall to hold the mold.

Round Off the Corners With Silicone Caulk

Put a bead of silicone caulk in each mold’s inside corners. To make a smooth curve, draw it down each corner.

After the silicone caulk has dried, use your fingernail to pick at the end of a strip to remove the pieces of excess silicone from each corner. Pull the extra bead off and throw it away.

Trisha Mae Raymundo
Trisha Mae Raymundo

Senior Writer and Editor of The Home Spot.