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How to measure Sliding Glass Door? 

Why A Critical Measure Is Important In Replacing Your Sliding Glass Door

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It is essential to have precise dimensions when installing window coverings, particularly on big panels like sliding glass doors. You’ll need precise dimensions if you want to hang drapery, curtains, or shades on a sliding glass door. If you order the incorrect size, you risk receiving a product that doesn’t fit and spending extra time and money exchanging it. 

Here is our instructions on how to measure sliding glass doors for a window treatment to ensure a perfect fit (including French doors). We will discuss everything you need to know, from how to be ready to what measures to take and what kinds of treatments are out there. 

To the homeowners out there, we say, jump right in!

Door Preparation Tips 

It’s crucial to have your door ready for measuring before you start. Before beginning, check that the door is securely closed and secured. This will give you precise dimensions for the doors and assist you to avoid making any blunders because of the space between them. Check that the sliding glass door is not obstructed in any way, especially by furniture. 

It is not necessary to remove seals or trims from the door in order to take measurements for window coverings.

The Proper Way to Measure a Door 

When the door has been properly prepped, measurements may be taken. While determining the proper dimensions for a sliding glass door, keep in mind the following: 

  1. Take the whole width of the frame into account (including both sides). You’ll need to take three measurements, one at the frame’s top, center, and bottom, to get the whole picture. Noting any discrepancies in these areas can help you purchase a window treatment that fits perfectly. 
  2. Take three readings at the top, middle, and bottom of each side to determine their individual heights. Look for any discrepancies here as well. 
  3. The width and height of the aperture must be determined for inside-mounted blinds (not including the frame). 
  4. If you want to install your blinds on the outside of the window, you’ll need an extra three inches on each side. To make sure your blinds fit snugly around the whole frame, do this. 
  5. When installing many blinds instead of one long one, measure each panel separately instead of splitting the window into equal pieces. 
  6. A steel measuring tape is the most reliable instrument for collecting measures precisely. Don’t forget to keep meticulous records; it’s better to take too many measurements than not enough.

French Door Measuring Instructions 

French doors let in a lot of light and are a terrific design feature, but they may be difficult to measure for. The two middle-hinged door panels are the major source of trouble. Here’s how we recommend going about it: 

  1. In order to open the doors without having to worry about the blinds getting in the way, it is recommended to put blinds or shades on each individual panel. 
  2. You may cover the whole door if you wish, or just the glass. How much covering you need from your window treatments will determine how much you will require. 
  3. Check the width of the mullions and the individual panels (the vertical bars that divide up your French doors). 
  4. Installing blinds or shades within a door requires measuring the height and width of each panel and adding two inches on either end for overlap. 
  5. Awnings and shutters may be put outdoors, but you’ll need to provide four inches on each side for the brackets.


Is it Necessary to Cut the Silicone O-Ring? 

In order to ensure precise measurements, the silicone seal is really broken. To cut through the silicone barrier, a utility knife comes in handy. Use the utility knife to cut through the seal by running it down the edge of the door frame. Cut away any peeling paint or silicone around the door frame. The silicone and paint must be stripped away in their entirety. 

Where can I get instructions for removing the trim around my sliding door? 

For this task, a crowbar is all that is needed. But you should be careful and attentive. Carefully dismantle the structure by removing all nails and screws. 


Is There a Recommended Place to Measure? 

Measuring the door’s width from stud to stud is the first step in installing a new door. The current door’s rough opening was used to determine the size. If you measure the top, the middle, and the bottom of the door opening, you’ll have a good idea of how wide the door is. One should begin at the broadest part of the side jambs. The door width should be the shortest of the three figures given. 

The opening height should then be determined. The left edge should be measured first, followed by the middle, and then the right edge. Using a measuring tape, find the vertical distance between the highest accessible part of the head jamb and the floor or the seal. The door height should be the shortest of the three parameters. 

Measure the thickness of the door frame next. Don’t forget to account for the trim when measuring the jamb’s width. Take a measurement across the full width of the current door frame. When purchasing your sliding glass door from a contractor, be sure to include all three dimensions. 


While deciding on a door size, what considerations should be taken into account? 

A sliding glass door’s precise dimensions may need to be adjusted based on the door’s style. Doors, for instance, may be installed with two or three panels. Two-panel doors typically come in three standard widths: 96 inches, 84 inches, and 60 inches. Three-panel doors typically range in width from nine to twelve feet. 

Glass sliding doors made to order may be made to these specifications or larger. Installing contractors may have to tear out wall space in order to work with your preferred door configurations. In order to provide an accurate estimate for the whole installation, the contractor requires precise measurements of the available area. 


What Are the Proper Dimensions for Sliding-Door Screens? 

The door must be measured from the inside of the side jamb to the center stile on the other side. This width dimension is specific. Three points—the top of the bottom track, the midpoint, and the bottom—are used to calculate the total height. The lowest of these three heights is the one you should use. 

Oftentimes, homeowners will purchase new sliding glass doors after getting a new patio or pool installed on their property. For a really one-of-a-kind look, they may even swap out their existing french doors with modern sliding glass ones or bifold ones. These stunning entrances protect the home’s inhabitants from the sun and provide a lovely view of the surroundings. 


Curtains, Blinds, Shades, and Other Window Coverings: How to Measure 

We’ve whittled them down just in case you’re looking for an accessory for your sliding door. It’s important to remember that the specifics of how you’ll need to measure may vary based on the kind of window covering you end up getting. If you’re hanging vertical blinds, for instance, you may want to measure the length of the track from the ceiling to the floor, or from the floor to the bottom of the door frame. 

While collecting measurements for your sliding glass doors, keep in mind some key variations: 


Curtains – should have a rod or track that is at least as long as the desired length, plus two inches on each side for overlap. Measure from the top of the rod or track (not including the finials) to the desired length. 

Shutters and Mini Blinds – take careful measurements of each panel individually, and double-check the measurements of any panels in the corners to avoid any surprises. 

Roller Blinds – you’ll need to determine the width of each panel independently. 

Venetian Blinds – When calculating the required width and height for your Venetian blinds, be sure to account for the additional space needed for the mounting brackets. 

Roman Shades – A Roman shade’s drop length is determined by the distance from its top mount to the floor. The overlapping parts should be added to this total.


Final Words 

If you have accurate measurements, replacing a single door or window or all the doors and windows in your house is a simple task. 

Measuring a door or window is the same as measuring any other opening. First, you should measure the height (in millimeters) from the top to the bottom of the reveal within the window frame. When you know the height, measure the breadth by going from one side of the reveal to the other. 

The bottom line is that you should constantly double-check your own choices. Think about the dimensions and paint scheme of your house.


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